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The agency deals with:

Buying, selling and renting of land and buildings
of every type providing these services:

Federazione Italiana Agenti Immobiliari Professionisti

  • Real Estate and land evaluations object to buying and selling, evaluation done with absolute care down to the final detail giving the client a price frame as respondent as possible to market prices for a future contraction for buying, selling or renting.
  • Predisposition, even making use of professional studios specialized in various sectors for all necessary notary stipulation documentation for  buying and selling contracts or rent contracts ranging from simple lighting to the most recent norms and home regulations in force (technological system certifications installed in the building, urban certifications, energetic certifications, urban destination certifications etc.).
  • Assistance for buying and selling acts.
  • Predisposition of rent contracts.
  • Predisposition of declarations ICI, compilation of models for payment ICI, transferring practice for various services linked to the building object to buy and sell.
  • Consultancy before buying, selling or renting, including the predisposition if a quote is requested  especially aimed at the buyer for the costs that they have to sustain if they will limit a simple ordinary building maintenance, or if they would like to proceed with a total restoration. The quotes will be detailed starting with the necessary procedure for various bodies submitted to the issuing of necessary authorization, to the execution of jobs, to the request and issue of the building certificate of use and occupancy and restoration performed.


Real Estate Agency BISALTA
V. Comunale Mondovì 6, 12013 Chiusa di Pesio (Cuneo)
Tel. 0171.734455 - Fax 0171.730022
Via Primo Bersezio 1, 12016 Peveragno (Cuneo)
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