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Rubero technical studio was founded in 1989 when it started its own professional business prevalently in the municipalities of Chiusa di Pesio, Peveragno, Beinette, Boves, operating in various sectors pertaining to the profession, which you will find listed in detail in the service areas.


  • Research and planning for construction, restoration, transformation and civil, rural, artisan building restoration.,
  • Research and planning for lot division and urbanisation.
  • Metric estimate calculation, costing for work and liquidation.
  • Control and work management
  • Contract terms and agreements.
  • Building consolidation works.
  • Lot division and urbanisation.
  • Liveability  and usability of buildings.
  • Verification of conformity practice.
  • Embossed buildings (plans, prospects, sections, goals).



  • Type of division for creating new cadastral particles. 
  • Type of mapping for introduction sketches of new buildings or enlarging it with the  computer procedure PREGEO.
  • Stacking buildings for residential, commercial, artisan and industrial use with the computer procedure DOCFA.
  • Applications for correcting cadastral errors. Istanze per rettifica di errori catastali.
  • Transferring land registers of terrain and buildings to modify the title following successions or the transferring of rights
  • Variations of terrain crops and culture.



  • Embossed topography of land and streets even on broken ground zones.
  • Editing of estimated plans on level curves, profiles, and land sections.
  • Land picketing.
  • Operations of re confinement and boundary correction with statement terms.
  • Land and building precision surveys
  • Measurements of pre-existing terrain/ structures and residential zoning lots.


  • Appraisal of pre-existing terrain/structures and urban rents
  • Estimations in expropriation
  • State of consistence and inventory of pre-existing terrain/structures and buildings.
  • Real estate appraisals for loan practice.
  • Estimate the market value of civil, artisan, commercial and industrial buildings.
  • Estimate survey of building damage.
  • Evaluation of agricultural and residential terrain.
  • Notarized  evaluations by the Justice Offices
  • Quoted divisional projects.
  • Estimates and surveys for real estate divisions.



  • Financial practice for agriturismos and rural tourism.
  • Condominium administration
  • Thousandth scales and regulation for condominiums
  • Financial practice at Institute of Credit e/o Enti.
  • Land location, building contracts and practice of Istat updates.
  • Feasibility studies for questions pertaining to construction – urban.
  • Consultancy on administrative and urban acts.
  • Arbitral judgements, transactions and extra extrajudicial surveys.
  • Relations experts and assistance in legal disputes.
  • Opinions and appraisals on real estate and various consultations on anything technically related.
  • Succession claims with formation of heredity quotes.
  • Technical notary and legal storage.
  • Tenancy meetings.
  • Stipulation assistance for buying and selling, divisions, donation and permute acts.
  • Accounting and administrative loans.
  • Loans related to buying, selling and home renting.
  • Technical consultancy for offices and partisans.
  • Computation I.C.I.
  • Model UNICO – 730
  • Research of historical archives.



That something extra that...

The studio offers its clients a new service:
Assistance for small restoration jobs encompassing specialized companies for construction, electrical, hydraulic, woodwork, …
You have to completely remodel your house, only to redo the electrical wiring, plumbing, heating, redo the floors or the bathroom, etc.


We can help you  by proceeding with all involved jobs from A to Z, starting from the buying offer and its the necessary authorizations, and carrying out jobs like issuing the certificate of use and occupancy if requested.
If you believe in our proposal please contact us, we offer necessary consultancy, estimations and all that you feel is useful in order to realize your projects.

V. Comunale Mondovì 6, 12013 Chiusa di Pesio (Cuneo)
Tel. 0171.734455 - Fax 0171.730022 - Cell. 339.2029558



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